"Lola Paris" represents a new creative concept aimed at the world of decoration.

As often happens cyclically in fashion world, where the concepts of elegance, quality and beauty never expire, can detach a retro sensation of the most modern and advanced of their time.

Directly inspired from the "belle époque" where the walls of our homes could be covered by warm and sumptuous quilted fabrics, Lola Paris has developed a beautiful collection of murals on adhesive foamized fabrics to decorate with taste and elegance, any home. A myriad of accessories also are offered, with the aim of designing custom and exclusive environments.

The latest technological tools at the service of the art of decoration have enabled us to provide complex and detailed frescoes that will revolutionize the traditional and monotonous environments that abound in our homes.

The modern and exclusive treatment received by our creations ensures the longevity and the quality of the fabrics cauterization, even in models intended for machine washing. Our first quality of foamized ensure a smooth and uniform adhesion, whatever the level of uniformity of the wall, even over gotele or rough concrete.

While the properties of heat and sound insulation provided by a quilted coating are nothing new, we wanted to select the best foamized's quality for to transmit that cozy feeling of wellbeing.

The result is a magical and innovative fusion between decoration, wealth and originality, prepared for a client select, exigent and at the height of the sensibilities and good taste that characterize our fans.

On the concept of "High decoration to a democratic price", we have based our entire business venture that we want to share with you, sharing with us your moments of relaxation and happiness.

Thank you for venturing into the fascinating world of Lola Paris.